Fremont Unified School District Classroom Buildings


Fremont, California
Square Footage:
Fremont Unified School District
SVA Architects
Project Cost:

Project Summary

Rodan Builders and SVA Architects will be working together on the next phase of the design-build Fremont Unified School District projects.  The project will take place over (3) school campuses and include the design and construction of (4) new classroom buildings.

The largest contract is for American High School at over $14 million.  Our scope of work on this campus will be the addition of (8) standard classrooms, (10) labs along with (2) ground up buildings.  Patterson and Brookvale Elementary School are included in this contract, with each campus being valued at $6 million.  Both schools will be receiving a new two story building with (8) standard classrooms.

In addition to SVA Architects, we will be working with Project Frog and the Fremont Unified School District.

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